Colorado Springs Faculty District 11 stories COVID outbreak at administrative constructing | Colorado Springs Information


Colorado Springs School District 11 employees working at the North Administration Building have been advised to quarantine if they had been in contact with a co-worker who tested positive to COVID-19, the district said in a news release Thursday.

A second employee, who was among those quarantined, also tested positive for the virus and notified the district, qualifying it as an outbreak, according to the release. El Paso County Public Health defines an outbreak as “two or more confirmed cases within 14 days in the same facility.”

The employees who were diagnosed will stay at home until they are no longer contagious.

The North Administration Building, 1115 N. El Paso St., will remain open, the district said.

The district’s superintendent, Michael Thomas, recently quarantined out of “an abundance of caution,” according to spokeswoman Devra Ashby. Thomas’ quarantine has ended and he had no connection to any positive COVID cases, the district said.

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