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City Council candidate Mike Seeger believes his Colorado Springs upbringing provides him with the insight needed to guide a wounded community toward growth and prosperity.

“I believe being a Colorado native that has lived in District 1 most my life has … given me perspective as to what the city needs to grow,” said Seeger who hopes to represent District 1 following the April 6 election.

“I have had the opportunity to see the city as what it was 30 years ago and what it has become. I have been able to see what it has taken to get to this point and the direction our citizens would like this city to take. I am dedicated in ensuring our city and district have the necessary resources to serve the community.”

Seeger, a firefighter and paramedic, said he has much to bring to the professional table. He says his first responder background provides him with in-depth public safety knowledge and understanding.

Improving infrastructure tops Seeger’s priority list. He believes Colorado Springs has grown exponentially, and at such a rate that the city’s infrastructure was never intended to keep up with this type of growth.

“Infrastructure creates problems to our community in a number of ways. One is by delaying emergency responses. As a first responder, we rely on infrastructure large enough to allow us to effectively and efficiently reach emergency scenes in a timely fashion,” Seeger said.

Seeger has witnessed the devastation resulting from COVID-19 and says Colorado Springs must seek ways to recover from COVID while memorializing those lost to the pandemic.

He was discouraged to see family members and residents question when they would receive the vaccine, he said. Seeger believes a plan was not effectively implemented to create a streamlined distribution process. He said he has ideas for bringing COVID under control in the city, and that maximizing efficiency of vaccine distribution would be Task One.

“My grandmother couldn’t find any information as to whether or not she was accounted for and if she would be able to receive this vaccination. Watching the frustration that resulted from this inspired me to come up with a new system for this health crisis,” Seeger said.

Seeger suggested creating an electronic system to inform residents if they have been placed on a list to receive care. “They (residents) must know they will be taken care of at some point and that accountability has occurred,” Seeger said.

Also, Seeger wants to ensure that taxpayer dollars are being used properly. “I am against raising taxes on our citizens … there are many resources this community is still missing or that need improvement, and I believe this requires great funding,” he said. “If we make sure we are most efficiently using the funding we have, we may be able to afford to fund further resources that are needed, without raising taxes.”

Seeger believes as a city councilman he will afford a unique perspective on topics the community faces or will face. “Being a Colorado native and first responder have allowed me to provide a perspective I believe will be valuable to City Council. I will work to ensure the voices of the community are heard and that their needs are properly addressed,” he said.

After graduating from Rampart High School, Seeger sought a career in the Fire Service. He earned an associate’s in paramedicine and became a Nationally Registered Paramedic. He later earned a bachelor’s in communications with a minor in Leadership, and master’s in Communications from the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs.

For a while, Seeger worked part-time at various El Paso County fire agencies and served as an adjunct instructor at Pikes Peak Community College for paramedic practical skills.

After working at Fountain Fire Department for three years, Seeger accepted a job at West Metro Fire Rescue in Lakewood. He is a full-time firefighter/paramedic there and his schedule affords him the opportunity to serve as a Colorado Springs City Council member.

Seeger and his wife, Devon, have a daughter, Addison.

“I look forward to learning the perspectives of those I may serve as a City Council member and doing all I can to ensure their concerns are accounted for and acted upon,” Seeger said.

Also running in D-1 are Glenn Carlson, David Donelson and Jim Mason. For a full list of City Council candidates, visit

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