Hundreds attend mass vaccination clinic at Broadmoor World Enviornment for his or her 2nd dose


COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KKTV) – People a part of the first mass vaccination clinic in Colorado Springs returned to get their second dose of the coronavirus vaccine at the Broadmoor World Arena Saturday.

The event was hosted by Centura Health and COVIDCheck Colorado. About 5,000 people are expected to get the shot over the weekend.

In a few weeks, people who received their second dose of the vaccine will be about 95 percent immune to the virus.

For some, that feeling is priceless.

There was a big smile under his mask and a thumbs up flashed towards the camera for middle school social studies teacher David J. Atkinson after he got his second dose of the vaccine.

“I am very excited,” Atkinson said. “The first time I was so nervous but now that I was able to do it the second time, I was just like yes it’s finally the day that I can…go home and sleep at night.”

The educator says this is a sigh of relief as he waited in his car in the observation area of the vaccine clinic.

“What we do is very important you know because school can’t stop. You need to go to school, you need to keep learning and everything and that’s some thing that we can’t take a pause on,” he added.

A few cars over, a nursing student sat in her car in the observation area. She said she didn’t get many side effects the first time.

“My arm got really sore and then I felt a little nauseous the day off but that was it. I didn’t have anything else,” Shannon Fuchs said.

Thousands wove their way through the parking lot to get that valuable second boost.

“So we are so excited. Everybody reacted well to the vaccine so they’re all eligible for that second dose after a couple of weeks pass they are considered 95 percent immune,” Terra Avila, the director of vaccine site operations for a COVIDCheck Colorado said.

Atkinson knows how lucky he is to get the shot and knows its step closer toward herd immunity, peace of mind, and a more normal future.

“I’m looking at the World Arena right here and I want to see a concert at the arena the summer or something! So please, if you get the opportunity to get a shot, jump on it,” he said.

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