Pikes Peak Summit Home taking donations to get your identify on America’s Mountain


PIKES PEAK, Colo. (KRDO) — As construction continues on the new Pikes Peak Summit Complex, organizers are asking for donations in a unique way to help meet their fundraising goal.

For $500, you can sponsor one of the planks that makes up the brand new summit complex, and your sponsorship will be forever recognized on America’s Mountain.

As of right now, more than 80% of the project’s $15 million fundraising goal has been met. But there is still work that needs to be done on the over-$60 million project.

Right now, donors have contributed more than $12.3 million, but the sponsorships will provide an additional boost. For the $500, you can celebrate a loved one, honor a special memory made on the mountain, or simply show support for one of Colorado’s most famous national treasures.

“There are almost 300 planks available so it’s an exciting time,” said Jack Glavan, the manager at Pikes Peak. “It’s going to be put on each plaque permanently, so people are going to be able to go up (and) actually find their plank. Being a part of history is very iconic and very exciting.”

Glavan says community support is crucial to make the vision of this one of a kind attraction a reality. However, because of COVID-19, Public donations really slowed down.

“Covid hit and so then we stopped a lot of the public donations. We are back on track a little bit so we started to go back to those donations,” said Glavan.

If $500 is a little steep for you but you still want to help, additional ways to get involved and give to the summit complex are available at coloradosprings.Gov/summitgiving.

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