Regardless of COVID-19 economic system, Colorado Springs housi9ng market nonetheless sizzling as ever


COLORADO SPRINGS – Even with an economy slowing during the COVID-19 pandemic, Colorado continues to grow at lightning speed, straining the real estate market and keeping local real estate agents on their toes.

For agent Aidan Pena, the curveballs came quickly.

“I had no idea that COVID was going to hit,” Pena said. No foresight about it. "

He didn't become a licensed broker until January and didn't have much time to prepare for the effects of COVID-19.

"It slowed the market down a bit, but my team is strong, we got it," he said.

Even in these uncertain times, one thing is certain. Homes are hard to come by in Colorado Springs.

"We have around 650 entries, so not that many considering we now have around 700,000 people in the sources," Pena said.

While other markets may be bearish, this is not the case.

"Colorado Springs was ranked one of the top three cities for real estate in the nation."

Last week, the US News and World Report ranked Colorado Springs as the fourth best place to live in the country. Additionally, the city has another major attraction that is not as dependent on the economy.

"Military obviously," said Pena. "Your stationary tasks are released, you can now move."

How fast do houses sell?

“This is the first day on the market [for this house]; I already have a contract on it, ”he said.

An open day was all it took.

"Yup one day in the market," he said.

With that in mind, realtors here cannot allow COVID-19 to prevent people from bringing homes home.

"Open houses are a little different," said Pena. "We can usually have a few groups. But for demonstrations we try to keep it to one group at a time."

Take every precaution to keep the market moving.

"Our team … we love to set up hand sanitizer, masks and gloves, and wipe surfaces," he said.

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