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Democratic candidate Randi McCallian is challenging Republican Larry Liston to represent northern Colorado Springs’ 10th Senate District.

McCallian said she has experience working with people of all demographics during her time improving hospital quality, providing family-services for low-income families with the Head Start program as well as applied behavioral therapy. McCallian also touted her “forward looking” vision.

“I realized we needed more advocates and people who saw that background and had that experience in our government in order to remove the barriers that those of us on the ground could see,” McCallian said.

Larry Liston, who spent the majority of his career in business, served in state government for 12 years. Liston is a supporter of the TABOR amendment, which limits the amount of revenue the state can keep and spend. He opposes the Affordable Care Act and said he instead believes in a free market approaches. Liston is a member of the National Rife Association.

Liston said his experience in the Legislature and respect among voters are some of his greatest assets.

“The people know me, they trust me, they like me, and they vote for me,” Liston said.

If reelected, he wants to prioritize transportation and dedicate more money to Colorado’s roads using bonds.

“That can has been kicked down the road so far and it really is only going to cost us more the longer that we ignore the problem of transportation infrastructure,” Liston said.

Looking ahead, Liston also said there will need to be budget cuts to help get the economy back on track after the coronavirus pandemic. Liston was also critical of Gov. Jared Polis’ response to the pandemic.

“The governor, despite his best efforts, has been heavy-handed,” Liston said. “He’s tried to kill a fly with a sledgehammer. COVID is serious, we all know that but he has usurped his powers.”

McCallian said the pandemic was a clear example of the need for planning in Colorado’s government.

“We should have built more resilience or preparedness, prevention into our system so we didn’t have such a horrible economic downturn,” McCallian said.

McCallian said she wants to build up Colorado by paying teachers more, providing universal health care and protecting natural resources.

Editor’s note: A previous version of the story said Larry Liston was the incumbent for this seat. He is not. The Gazette regrets this error.

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